Comprehensive IP Network Reports

Complete IP Network Reports In Under 3 Minutes.
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The AG SmartBot

The Essential IP Network Report & Diagnostic Tool For All Security System Installations.

Produce Reliable Sales Quotes & Avoid Costly Margin Killers

No more costly network surprises or connectivity issues discovered after you have committed to a final figure for your services. Everything you need to know to perform
timely, reliable installations can be discovered on your first sales call, avoiding the need for costly troubleshooting service calls & maintanance plan claims.

A Single Accurate, Detailed Report Emailed To Your Office Without Accessing Your Client's Wi-Fi Passwords or Computers.

With the AG SmartBot there's no need to run multiple tests, access computers or run web based diagnostic functions on third party websites and then gather results into
a report or document. All test results are compiled into a single report and automatically emailed to your laptop, office or any designated location.

Simply plug into your client's network and within 3 minutes
the AG SmartBot automatically scans & generates reports for:

1. Customer Public IP Address
Identify your client's IP address without having to access your client's computers or wireless network.

2. Router (Gateway) IP
Identify your client's gateway IP address without manually connecting to a router.

3. P2P Connectivity
Identifies P2P (Peer To Peer) compatibility.

4. Speed Test Upload/Download
Discover if a client's internet speeds meet data transfer requirements without having to access your client's computer and run browswer based speed tests.

5. Devices On Network
Identifies all devices currently connected to your client's network which helps installers identify unused and non-automatically assigned IP addresses prior to installation. This can help prevent return visits and maintenance plan claims due to conflicts that interfere with the use of other devices, such as printers, on the client's network.

6. UPNP Results
Identifies wether automatic port forwarding (UPNP) is supported.

7. Outbound Port Test
Allows you to confirm compatibility of devices with hosted (cloud) services, i.e. cloud video services, access controls, burglar alarm panels, etc.

8. Inbound Port Test
a) Verifies if device connectivity is accesible from the internet.
b) Identifies prior to installation if a required port is in use.
c) Confirms that devices are accessible from the internet after installation.

9. Nearby Wireless Networks
Provides ability to pre-configure wireless hardware (cameras, control units, alarm panels) prior to installation & set-up.